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All about Coronavirus: Know how Indian Government is responding towards COVID-19

By | April 8, 2020


The Novel coronavirus is a large of group of viruses that causes illness and cough and cold in common person. The Novel Coronavirus is officially named as COVID-19 by the world Health Organization. The COVID-19 is from the family of zoonotic virus in which the virus is been transmitted from animals to human and cause illness to the human. The Virus was first originate in a 55 year old person in the Hubei china. The virus was spread in large no and affected more than 172 countries around the globe. The Government has taken many steps towards the welfare of COVID-19 virus.

Steps of Indian Government towards COVID-19

The Indian Government has put on many restrictions and rules in India to fight towards the virus.

* The Government has imposed section 144 in many regions to avoid the virus.

* All the government and privates school are been closed to avoid the virus even the exam for many classes are also been cancelled in all the regions (expected board exams).

* The government has stops the trains and airplanes in all the regions of India.

* The flights coming from US, UAE, China and many more places are been cancelled to land on the Indian Airports.

* All the types of passengers from the movements of  Indo-Bangladesh Border, Indo-Nepal Border, Indo-Bhutan Border, Indo-Myanmar Border are been suspended from the effect of 15th March till the next order.

* All existing visa are been suspended by the government and will be suspended till 15th April 2020.

* All the national tourist who are in India have to strictly follow the Do’s and Does’nt that are been told by the government.

* The passengers coming from the parts of Korea or UAE who are entering India need a certificate of negative report of COVID-19 and that is been showed at the airport.

* If a travel feel sick or illness or shortage of breathing after returning from any area affected by the COVID-19 has to immediately call the help line no at 011-23978046.

* The India are requested to refrain their trip to the areas which are been affected by the virus and vises which are issued are also been no longer valid for the trip, the restricted areas are Italy, Korea, Singapore, and many more. 

       Coronavirus Total Cases:


     Deaths Due to Corona




Symptoms of CoronaVirus

The most common symptoms of corona are been listed below

* Common cold

* Illness

* Fever

* Cough

* Shortness of Breath

The Virus has typical Symptoms that it starts with common Flu includes fever and dry cough

Areas been effected by the Virus

China 81,054 +46 3,261 +6
Italy 53,578 4,825
USA 26,859 +2,652 348 +46
Spain 25,496 1,378
Germany 22,364 84
Iran 20,610 1,556
France 14,459 562
S. Korea 8,897 +98 104 +2
UK 5,018 233
Canada 1,328 19
Australia 1,286 +214 7
Japan 1,054 36
Pakistan 645 3
India 332 5
Mexico 251 +48 2
Argentina 225 +67 4
Uruguay 135 +25
New Zealand 66 +14

The corona virus has affected many peoples among the world. The Virus has affected more than 162 countries and territories around the world. The Virus was first affected the areas of

Protect yourself from Corona

Know how it spreads:-  The Virus is been spread by the contact of peoples by by coming closer to each other. The Virus can  also spread through the respiratory droplets produced by the cough or sneezes by an infected person. The Droplets can lands into the mouths or noses of people who are nearby to each other.

Take steps to protect yourself

Clean your hands often:-

* wash your hands with soap or with hand wash for at least 20 second after you are in the public place or when you sneeze or cough while covering with your hand.

* If soap is readly not available with you use hand sanitizers that comes with 60% of alcohol. Rup our hand with the sanitizer until you feel hands dry.

* Avoid touching our nose or mouth with unwashed hands that can also spread virus.

Avoid Close Contact.

* Avoid close contact who are sick or feeling illness

* Put distance with each other if the virus is spreading in our society use individual room for a single person.

 Take steps to protects other

* Stay at home if you are sick

* Cover your nose and Sneeze

* Cover you nose and mouth with the facemask

* Wash your hand regular with soap or sanitizers. 

Government help

 Government has also take up serous steps toward the spread of Corona Virus

* Many countries had closed the places of tourist destination like INDIA and UAE

* The Olympics are been postpone and also be cancelled in the china due to Virus

* The West Bengal government has to create a 200 crore fund to stop the spread of virus.

* In India the IPL are been postpone till 13 April or can even be cancelled

* The USA government had announced the SHUT DOWN for several days

* The Government is requesting peoples to srtay in their homes .

* Many government hospital had created an isolated wards for the sick peoples.

* Indian government had announce to give 4 lacks to the family members of the dead person due to virus.

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