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Sainik School Entrance Exam (AISSEE) 2022 Syllabus New Class 6th~Subject wise

By | October 7, 2021

Sainik Schools Entrance Exam 2022 Syllabus| AISSEE Syllabus 6th Class: All sweet and Talented Students can get All India Sainik Schools Entrance Exam Syllabus 2022 For Class 6th. Now Latest and updated AISSEE Class 6 Syllabus are available here. You can check here All India Sainik School Class 6 Syllabus 2022, Sainik Schools Entrance Exam Class 6 Syllabus with topic wise explanation 2022.

Sainik School Entrance Exam Syllabus New 2022

You know that the admission into Sainik Schools takes place through an entrance examination known as “All India Sainik School Entrance Exam” and in short AISSEE.

All India Sainik School Entrance Exam conducts every year in month of January. Through this examination, those students are selected who are comparatively mentally, physically and medically fit and better.

AISSEE Syllabus Latest

If you take admission in Sainik School then don’t waste your golden time. Now check here AISSEE Syllabus class 6th and start your preparation.

All India Sainik School Entrance Exam 2022 will be going to carry out the admission into class 6 for academic session 2022-23 from all the all Sainik School in India. Sainik School Entrance Exam Syllabus is available on official web portal @ aissee.nta.nic.in.

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All India Sainik School Entrance Exam Syllabus PDF 2022

In class 6th the admission in Sainik School will be done strictly in accordance with the Final Merit List which is prepared after Sainik School entrance examination, Medical Test and Interview.

Sainik School Entrance Exam Syllabus

A large numbers of students are appeared in Sainik School entrance exam (AISSEE). So it is must that students score more marks in the AISSEE which will be held on scheduled date second Sunday of January Month expectedly. The students should know the Syllabus before starting their exam preparation. Sainik Schools Entrance Exam Class 6 Syllabus 2022 to be available in the official site which will be very useful to getting good marks in the AISSEE.

Sainik School Entrance Exam AISSEE Syllabus Class VI: Mathematics

The Students should follow the information while preparing for the All India Sainik Schools Entrance Exam.

Number System

Place Value and Face Value of Numbers, Rounding off numbers, Number Patterns and Series, Fundamental Operations on number including BODMAS rule, Comparison of Numbers, Writing Greatest and Smallest numbers, LCM and HCF, Squares and square roots, Prime Factorization.

Get here Sainik School entrance examination for class 6th-Exam Pattern

Sainik School Entrance Exam Syllabus: Commercial Mathematics

Percentages, Simple Interest, Time and work, Ration and Proportion, Unitary Method, Degree Fahrenheit, Preparation of cash bills, Time & Distance including conversion of units, Profit & Loss Including Percentages, Measurement of Temperature in degree Celsius, Arithmetic Mean,

Fractional and Decimals

Simplifications, Lowest form and equivalent fractions, Applications including word problems, comparisons, squares and square roots, Fundamental Operations Including BODMAS Rule, Conversion of fractions to decimals or percentages and vice versa,


Conversion of Units of Area and Volume, Perimeter and areas of square, triangle& rectangle including given diagrams, circumference and area of circle, volumes of solids such as cube and cuboid

Sainik Schools Entrance Exam (AISSEE) Syllabus: Geometry

Basic Geometry concepts such as line, point, line segment, ray, etc, triangles, classification of angles, Circle and its parts, quadrilaterals and polygons, interior and exterior of given figures, quadrilaterals, angle sum property of triangles, angles, triangles, circles, construction of line segments.

Download All India Sainik School Entrance Exam (AISSEE) Application Form with Guideline

AISSEE VI Syllabus 2022: English

  • Spelling
  • Singular and Plural Forms
  • Antonyms and Synonyms
  • Prepositions
  • Affirmative and Interrogative
  • Composition/ Paragraph Writing
  • Comprehension Passages
  • Sentence Types (Interrogative, Positive, Negative, Exclamatory)
  • Homonyms
  • Framing Questions
  • Constructing Sentences with Words
  • One Word Answers/ Fill in the Blanks
  • Make Meaningful Sentence from Jumbled Words
  • Articles

Sainik Schools Entrance Exam Syllabus 2022: GK (Science)

  1. The Universe
  2. Air
  3. Soil
  4. Structure of Atom
  5. Transformation of Substances
  6. Metals and non-metals
  7. Micro organisms
  8. Sources of Energy
  9. Refraction of Light
  10. Electricity and Magnetism
  11. Carbon
  12. Cell Structure and Functions
  13. Food Production and Management
  14. Common Diseases

Sainik Schools Entrance Exam Syllabus 2022: GK (SSt)

  • History
  • Politics Science
  • Civics
  • Disaster Management
  • Geography
  • Economics

Sainik Schools Entrance Exam Syllabus: Intelligence Test Syllabus

  • Puzzle
  • Relationship
  • Verbal and Non-verbal
  • Relationship of Analogy
  • Image
  • Completion of Series
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Same Class
  • Jumbled Spelling
  • Confusing Instructions
  • Direction Sense
  • Sequence
  • Assigning Correct Mathematical Signs

Sainik Schools Entrance Exam Pattern Class 6th

The All India Sainik School Entrance Exam will be consists of 2 papers such as Paper I and Paper II. Paper I has three parts such as Mathematics, Language and GK. Paper II is Intelligence test which contains 25 Questions with 50 marks. Paper I will be held in two hours and paper II will be held in 30 minutes.  Distribution of marks and Questions are given in below table.

Paper Subject Question Number Marks Time Booklet
Paper I – Mathematics, GK and Language Mathematics 50 150 2 Hrs one
GK (Sc & S St) 25 50
Language 25 50
Paper II- Intelligence Test Intelligence Test 25 50 30 Minutes one

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