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Sainik School Seats Vacancy 2023-24 for Class 9th check School Wise & Category Wise List

By | April 9, 2023

Latest update 2nd Round e-counselling Schedule: 2nd Round e-counselling and choice filling has been started from 7th April 2023. Check here Round 2 e- counselling schedule for admission in Sainik School.

2nd Round e-counselling Registration & Choice Filling Start Date: 07/04/2023 00:00
2nd Round e-counselling Registration & Choice Filling Last Date: 11/04/2023 16:00

Sainik School Admission Seats/ Vacancy for e-counselling Round-2

After e-counselling round 1, these seats are vacant for admission in class 9th in Sainik School Academic session 2022-23.

Sainik School Admission e-counselling Round 2: Seats/ Vacancy for class 9th

Sr.School’s NameHome SCHome STHome OBCHome Un-ReserveHome DEFOther SCOther STOther OBCOther Un-ReserveOS DEFTotal Count
1Sainik School, Kalikiri012020132112
2Sainik School, Korukonda01110102219
3Sainik School, East Siang10211001118
4Sainik School, Goalpara103601012014
5Sainik School, Kunjpura101411023013
6Sainik School, Rewari304921023024
7Sainik School, Nagrota00000000101
8Sainik School, Tilaiya101320123013
9Sainik School, Kodagu103611112218
10Sainik School, Kazhakootam00200001104
11Sainik School, Chandrapur00051000006
12Sainik School, Satara10230000107
13Sainik School, Imphal10110001217
14Sainik School, Chhingchhip10210100117
15Sainik School, Punglwa00000013105
16Sainik School, Bhubaneswar00000000000
17Sainik School, Kapurthala102111012110
18Sainik School, Amaravathinagar00111201309
19Sainik School, Jhansi020410201010
20Sainik School, Mainpuri10042000007
21Sainik School, Amethi00020000002
22Sainik School, Ghorakhal123010002110
23Sainik School, Purulia00231100119

Sainik Schools Seats Vacancy 2023-24: National Testing Agency (NTA) has released Notification regarding vacancy of seats for admission in Sainik Schools in class 9th academic year 2023-24.  All candidates can check here category wise and School wise sets List.  

Sainik Schools Admission 2023-24 Class 9th ~ Seat Vacancy for ESS

In academic year 2023-24, Total 496 seats are vacant for 9th class in 23 Sainik Schools (ESS) across India. We are providing here all seats as per reservation policy like category wise, home state wise other state wise. All aspirants who have appeared in AISSEE 2023and qualified in same examination can apply Sainik Schools Admission e-counselling for class 9th. The can check seat vacancy as per own category and state wise. 

Sainik Schools e-Counselling Registration 2023 Start? check Date, Fee and other Information

Sainik School Admission 2023-24 Class 9th ~ Seat Vacancy for Home State

Sr. No.Name of the Saink schoolSchool SetupName of the StateClass IDGenderHome SCHome STHome OBCHone UNHome Def
1Sainik School, KalikiriResidentialANDHRA PRADESHClass IXBoy32573
2Sainik School, KorukondaResidentialANDHRA PRADESHClass IXBoy21452
3Sainik School, EastSiangResidentialARUNACHAL PRADESHClass IXBoy11231
4Sainik School, GoalparaResidentialASSAMClass IXBoy539135
5Sainik School, KunjpuraResidentialHARYANAClass IXBoy20472
6Sainik School, RewariResidentialHARYANAClass IXBoy407124
7Sainik School, NagrotaResidentialJAMMU AND KASHMIRClass IXBoy10111
8Sainik School, TilaiyaResidentialJHARKHANDClass IXBoy32573
9Sainik School, KodaguResidentialKARNATAKAClass IXBoy427113
10Sainik School, KazhakootamResidentialKERALAClass IXBoy10900
11Sainik School, ChandrapurResidentialMAHARASHTRAClass IXBoy00082
12Sainik School, SataraResidentialMAHARASHTRAClass IXBoy11231
13Sainik School, ImphalResidentialMANIPURClass IXBoy21452
14Sainik School, ChhingchhipResidentialMIZORAMClass IXBoy11231
15Sainik School, KapurthalaResidentialPUNJABClass IXBoy20462
16Sainik School, AmaravathinagarResidentialTAMIL NADUClass IXBoy539134
17Sainik School, JhansiResidentialUTTAR PRADESHClass IXBoy23072
18Sainik School, MainpuriResidentialUTTAR PRADESHClass IXBoy51053
19Sainik School, AmethiResidentialUTTAR PRADESHClass IXBoy10041
20Sainik School, GhorakhalResidentialUTTARAKHANDClass IXBoy32693
21Sainik School, PuruliaResidentialWEST BENGALClass IXBoy11341

Approved 18 New Sainik School List: Know Selection Process, Eligibility, e-Counselling Date & More

Sainik School Admission 2023-24 Class 9th ~ Seat Vacancy for Other State

Sr. No.Name of the Saink schoolSchool SetupName of the StateClass IDGenderOther State SCOther State STOther OBCOther State UNOther State Def
1Sainik School, KalikiriResidentialANDHRA PRADESHClass IXBoy11341
2Sainik School, KorukondaResidentialANDHRA PRADESHClass IXBoy11231
3Sainik School, EastSiangResidentialARUNACHAL PRADESHClass IXBoy10121
4Sainik School, GoalparaResidentialASSAMClass IXBoy31572
5Sainik School, KunjpuraResidentialHARYANAClass IXBoy11231
6Sainik School, RewariResidentialHARYANAClass IXBoy10372
7Sainik School, NagrotaResidentialJAMMU AND KASHMIRClass IXBoy00010
8Sainik School, TilaiyaResidentialJHARKHANDClass IXBoy11341
9Sainik School, KodaguResidentialKARNATAKAClass IXBoy21352
10Sainik School, KazhakootamResidentialKERALAClass IXBoy01330
11Sainik School, ChandrapurResidentialMAHARASHTRAClass IXBoy10010
12Sainik School, SataraResidentialMAHARASHTRAClass IXBoy10111
13Sainik School, ImphalResidentialMANIPURClass IXBoy10221
14Sainik School, ChhingchhipResidentialMIZORAMClass IXBoy10111
15Sainik School, PunglwaResidentialNAGALANDClass IXBoy01810
16Sainik School, BhubaneswarResidentialODISHAClass IXBoy00000
17Sainik School, KapurthalaResidentialPUNJABClass IXBoy10221
18Sainik School, AmaravathinagarResidentialTAMIL NADUClass IXBoy31462
19Sainik School, JhansiResidentialUTTAR PRADESHClass IXBoy02010
20Sainik School, GhorakhalResidentialUTTARAKHANDClass IXBoy21342
21Sainik School, PuruliaResidentialWEST BENGALClass IXBoy10121

Note: Apart from the above mentioned schools, there are no vacant seats for admission in class 9 in the remaining Sainik Schools.

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